Friday, March 20, 2009

Kanjin Kaname: What is Truly Important

"So what is truly important? Kanjin Kaname can also be written as 'the heart and eyes of the gods,' and thus it means the way of heaven, or the laws of heaven." Masaaki Hatsumi

The Shinobi of old were always studying "tenchijin," or the relationship of heaven, earth, and man. Out of this study, the Shinobi were able to discern what things were of eternal value, what things were worth living and dying for. At the heart of every one's existence is this struggle to determine what is ultimately valuable, what gives meaning, why things are as they are. To properly understand reality, man must have the heart and mind of God. He is not far from us and we may obtain the Kanjin Kaname by making a study of His Word. This is also the essence of the Godan. And, this is why I am sharing an essay from my own little Kunoichi (female ninja). Though an adolescent, she has grasped the mind and eyes of God. Here are her words for your consideration: 

"God is not sinful, he is pure. Therefore, He hates sin. He wants us to shut it out of our lives so that we can go to Heaven and be with Him when we die. God is not fearful because He is almighty and we should not be fearful, because he protects us. God is not careless. He created us very carefully, otherwise our noses might be between our toes. God is not unwise. God is smarter than anyone in this world, so He created us perfectly, just the way God wants us to be. God is not worldly. He does not get so caught up in something else so much He loves it more than us, does He? Well, probably not! That might be what some people do to God. God is not unforgiving. He forgives us as soon as we do it, but we normally don't if your best friend tells an embarrassing secret. We probably don't forgive that fast. God is not unpure. He is perfect in every way. God is not untrustworthy. You can trust God with anything, even your innermost secrets or some secret that your best friend can't even know! God is not overbearing. He is not snobby about His power or how pure He is. God is not inaccessible. We can reach him at any time, anywhere. He will always listen, even though He doesn't answer vocally. God is not uncomforting. He comforts you when you're sad. He comforts your heart a lot. God is not inconsistent. He watches your every step and knows what you are thinking. God is not changing. He will never change, even when you change and grow, He will stay the same. He won't get wrinkles or grey hair. He is the same, and that's the way He'll be forever. God is not undependable. The chair you are sitting on, it might crack and you may fall. That chair is undependable: that old chipped oak chair! God is like a new chair, it won't break if you sit on it. It will stay strong forever. You can depend on God. God is not unhopeful. He cheers you on. He has so much hope. He hopes you'll do the right thing every day. God is not unjust. He knows when you have done right or wrong and knows you must be punished for doing wrong. God is not impatient. He waits on the unreached for them to be saved. God is not dead. He is alive, He rose from the dead! God is not ungracious. He provides so much for us every day: food, water, money...he loves us SO much!"